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About the Company:

Moriz Restaurants is a huge restaurant chain in Bangalore. They serve Arabic, Indian and Chinese dishes across Bangalore. They have one branch in Al Nahda, Dubai also.

Problems Faced:

They had a lot to be improved on the basis of SMM. Content posted social media was unprofessional and the photo assets were not good at all. 

Too many bad reviews on Zomato and no one was there to handle those.

And also, they faced issues in Zomato listing and Trip Advisor listing.

Solutions We Provided:

We contacted Zomato and TripAdvisor for the listing problem and our team solved it in 3 days. And bad reviews were handled in a professional manner and popular reviewers (food bloggers) were invited again to serve them better and change their review from 1 star to 5 star. When food bloggers drop a 5 star review, it is equivalent to 10 normal reviewers. So that, we consulted them to target food bloggers and ask them to drop good review.

On the other side, we completely revamped their Social Media page. Planned for their content bucket and was able to attract fans to the page. Improvement messages and gratitude messages comes regularly because of our SMM.

We have also made a promo video for them in order to use that as a video asset for Social Media Branding and Facebook Ads. Click here to see the video


Our business network solved their Zomato and TripAdvisor problem. Our SMM expertise made their fans and stakeholders happy. Our Ad Campaigns for them made one of their branches get more visibility and walk-in customers.