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How to Acquire Quality Leads through Email Marketing

Building a good quality email list doesn’t happen overnight. It will only happen eventually through various marketing tests and hard work. Have you ever given your email address to some someone online? Just ask yourself the question ‘why’. You gave them your email address only because you trust them and you want something from them. If you think through customer’s perspective, there’s no amusement when you build a huge network. No one will provide you with their email address, that’s so obvious.

If you want your prospect’s email address, provide them quality content and on the edge of capturing their attention, ask for their email address before solving their main problem. Nothing is free in this world, there should some consideration between two parties while exchanging something. There’s nothing wrong in asking your prospect’s email address in exchange of solving their problem. Nowadays people are really bothered by the spam emails inside their inbox. If someone gives you their email address, it’s equivalent to someone purchasing something from you hoping they will be satisfied with your content. There’s a factor of trust that you will be using their email address for good reasons.

Different ways in which you can get quality leads:

1. Make an offer that is Irresistible

The number of emails you need in your database depends on the level of sacrificing your profits. For an instance, you are offering 50% discount coupons to all newsletter subscribers and thousand people signed up. What happens when you are offer them 80% discount coupons to all newsletter subscribers? Obviously, the number of sign ups increases.

2. Make sure there’s something that is useful for them

As I said before, people usually sign up with their email address in order to satisfy their needs and wants. So, it’s a crucial stage to make sure about the fact what they are looking for. Let it be free eBooks, early access to webinars, special discount coupons, anything that has value for them.

3. Facebook Ads

It is the most efficient way of collecting quality leads. Facebook allows us to post an ad with easy sign up format for ad viewers. When they are serious about the offer that advertiser offered, the moment they click the CTA button ‘Sign Up’, all their personal data will be filled by default. They just have to click ‘submit’. In this way of collecting leads is so effective and easy to do for them as well as the advertiser.

4. Persuade your website visitors to sign up into your Newsletter

Promote your newsletter throughout your website with a sign-up option. Pop-up messages is the most commonly persuasion technique. Include opt in and opt out options in your newsletter, so that you can get qualified lead data. Let the people move out if they are not interested in what you say.

The best tool for this purpose is MailChimp and Lightbox by Wix

5. Host a Giveaway

Provide free product(s) to any one or more people from your email list. Some people love to have free products or services, even I sign up by giving my email address to the one who hosted the giveaway. Even though I know the intention of this giveaway.

6. Offer free resources or tools that is relevant to your customer needs

Let’s assume marketer’s point of view. Even a novice marketer knows the importance of marketing tools. Beginner marketers prefer to use free marketing tools, and if they want free ‘Keyword Research Tool’ they search for ‘free keyword research tool for digital marketing’ and marketing tool websites offer them ‘Free Trial’ for a particular period of time. The website asks for his/her email address to proceed with their free service. He definitely drops his email address into it and work on it. The moment when the free trial is going to end, the website sends an email to the marketer saying

“Enjoy using our keyword research tool? Upgrade to our premium plan which includes ‘advanced keyword feedback’ feature now by clicking the link below! Your free trial is going to end in 2 days.
Your Marketing Partner,
XYZ Company”

Let’s say 1000 marketers were using their service for free this month. And 400 to 500 marketers opted for their premium plan. 400-500 premium users this month just with one marketing technique!

7. Tell your visitors to upgrade their Knowledge

Every business should maintain a column for blogs. People find you online through your blog posts and your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) skills. Your viewers come to your website in order to learn something new. If they are enjoying your content, provide them with your premium content which is even better than your blog post. Ask their email address to access the premium content. For example, your business is all about selling Protein Supplements for gym rats. One visitor comes to your website and reads your blog post about ‘The importance for Leg day’. He is reading the content with lots of interest and suddenly a pop-up box or a picture of a guy with a stunning leg comes into picture. And it says, “Top 10 tips to faster your Leg Transformation”. When he clicks it, you ask him to sign up to unlock the secrets. After that, you send him emails or show him ads of your products. You know that he is interested in transforming his leg, so there’s a high chance of sale.

Now, look at the heading above “…upgrade your knowledge”. Just by developing one’s knowledge of something, you get a sale. Simple as that

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